We are always looking for sevaks and sevikas to help us with the follovolunteer-652383_640wing:

  • Bala Vihar Teaching for following grades: Pre-K through 12 Grade. Please click here  for details about Bala Vihar Curriculum. New volunteer teachers get the opportunity to work with an experienced teacher in the role of a co-teacher for a year or two before taking on the main teacher role.
  • Teacher Training  will be provided once at the beginning of Bala Vihar year. The training will cover the Bala Vihar curriculum and techniques of teaching.
  • Language Teaching for the following languages: Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu
  • Shloka & Satsang: Geeta Chanting, Adult Satsang

For the following regular activities conducted each week, we need coordinators to facilitate:

  • Facilities
  • Arati
  • Assembly
  • Registrations
  • Teachers
  • Attendance

We conduct following Special Event each year and we need coordinators to organize and execute these events:

  • Gita chanting competition
  • Guru Paduka Pooja
  • Lakshmi Pooja
  • Annual day
  • Essay writing competition
  • CORD walk