We conduct assembly before the classes start each Sunday (3:30 pm). This is the time for all parents, teachers, children, and other volunteers to assemble together in the social hall for a prayerful 20 mins where we chant our Bala Vihar prayers, sing Bhajans, perform an Aarti to Pujya Gurudev. Further we sing the Chinmaya birthday song in Sanskrit for anyone who celebrated their birthday the previous week and proclaim the Chinmaya Pledge.

This is also the time where we make important announcements about upcoming events, holiday schedules, and other activities. Parents are encouraged to attend this assembly for these announcements.


Aarti and Pledge

We always offer Aarti and pledge each Sunday. This will be followed by Birthday Song in Sanskrit which was written and composed by our Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda